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Welcome to Kabob Fusion

It all started with a dream by two visionary brothers who wanted to build a place that combined their passion for good clean quality food. It took a bit of thought and time, but it was worth it all as Kabob Fusion was born.

A modern pioneer in Fast & Quick, but still QUALITY, Kabob dining, the Khan Brothers has brought to you a symbol of their devotion, determination and spirit to thrill and excite the hearts and taste buds of Calgarians of all creeds and nations. In this, they are striving to set the new standard in Tradition meeting Modern dining.

Their passion for a great meal extends to all as you are their guests, and everyone deserves to enjoy what they love and demand for themselves, a quality dinner each and every time. Everything is done in an exacting matter, with no shortcuts taken or accepted. Each and every bite is marinated and prepared with care, from the sizzling kabobs to their own traditional family share able pan-fried Karahi recipes.It’s all made to order fresh, never reheated under some heat lamp.

At Kabob fusion we value the tradition and hospitality of the Khans. We are dedicated to giving you an excellent experience at our restaurant.

Our delicious kabobs, rice, salads, naans are prepared by chefs from Peshawar, Kandahar, Lahore and Karachi.

This is our pride. This is our passion. And it’s all for you to enjoy.

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